Business Loans

We grow our SME and Corporate clients by availing funds for working capital requirements, purchase of business assets and for acquisition of capital items.

We also finance the purchase of land, construction projects and renovation of business premises.

  • Features

    • Attractive interest rates.
    • Flexible repayment terms.
    • Personalized relationship management.

  • Requirements

    • The customer must provide identification documents.
    • Must have an operating or active business for at least two years.
    • Positive credit reference bureau report.
    • The customer must provide the company’s certificate of incorporation, tax certificate and other licenses.
    • The customer must provide the company’s audited books of accounts for the last three years.
    • Must have an active business account for at least 6 months and twelve months for seasonal businesses.
    • The customer must provide an application letter from the company and board’s resolution to borrow sanctioning the borrowing.
    • The customer must provide security which include but is not limited to: cash, landed property, debentures over company assets, director’s guarantee, tripartite agreement and deed of rental assignment.
    • For construction projects, the customer must provide profiles of the consultant overseeing the project, copies of drawings (structural), the profile of the architect, the profile of the contractor, the profile of the QS, the profile of the structural engineer, bills of quantities, photos of the project, contingency, labor cost agreement.
    • The business must be registered as per the laws of South Sudan and must be engaged in activities sanctioned by the laws of South Sudan and comply to all the requirements as stipulated in the laws and regulations of South Sudan.

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