As a corporation or individual dealing with imports and exports, we will assist you by issuing letters of credit, offering guarantees, and managing import/export documentation.

  • Letters of Credit (LCS)

    Issued by the Bank at the request of the applicant (importer/applicant) and the Bank gives an irrevocable undertaking to pay the beneficiary/exporter for the goods or services.


    • Payment is guaranteed by both the issuing bank and the confirming bank as long as compliant documents are presented.
    • Mitigate the buyer/country risks.
    • Ensure delivery is done within schedule.

  • Bank Guarantees

    A written irrevocable undertaking from the Bank to pay the seller if the buyer defaults on his obligations.

    Some of the Bank guarantees include the following:

    • Bid/tender bonds
    • Performance bonds
    • Advance payment guarantees
    • Payment guarantees
    • Credit guarantees


    • Provides security for performance
    • Reduce risk
    • Give assurance of the serious intent and business standing of the party whose obligations are underwritten.

  • Invoice Discounting

    With Co-op Banks’ Invoice Discounting, you can withdraw money against sales invoices before payments are done. This is available to various prequalified procuring entities like UNMISS, UNDP, UNMAS, UNIFSA, WFP etc.


    • This makes available 70-80% of the invoice value as soon as it has been raised and the remainder is made available when the customer pays.
    • Enables you to unlock your business’ working capital and cash flow that would be obtained after a period of time depending on the terms of payment e.g. 30 – 45 days after invoicing.

  • Purchase Order Financing (LPO)

    LPO Financing is a form of short-term financing designed for suppliers whereby funds are advanced against local purchase orders that suppliers will have received to supply certain goods or services.


    • Provides working capital to execute the contract
    • Faster/timely execution of the contract as a result of the access to funds.

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