Girls’ Education South Sudan

In pursuit of our vision and mission and in the process of transforming the lives of South Sudanese the Bank partnered with various stakeholders ( Administration authorities, Ministry of General Education & Instruction, CGA, GESS Secretariat &BMB) to implement cash payments to school going girls in a project duped ‘Girl Education South Sudan (GESS)’.

The Bank evidenced its experience and capability in making massive payments where a total of 127,793 girls were paid. The programme was executed in an efficient and record time across the country and despite various challenges including insecurity in some areas, bad weather, and communication.

The project has been integral to increasing the enrolment to the highest level ever at 1.3 million pupils in 2016. 43% of these pupils were girls. The project benefitted over 200 schools despite conflict over the last three years.

The Bank was involved in a similar project in 2015 where the Bank successfully implemented the same with a 94% success rate.

The Bank aims to partner with other organizations and NGOs in South Sudan to carry out similar projects in future.

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