Home Insurance

Your home and the assets in your home are some of the most important belongings to your family.

Cover your home and the contents you so love with the Co-op Bancasurrance Domestic Package.

This product allows you as the homeowner or the tenant to benefit from several policies that are comprehensively packed in one package.


1. Buildings

Covers building against loss resulting from fire lightning, earthquake, storm, flood, burglary, accidental impact to the building, bursting or overflowing of water tanks, escape of water from storage facilities, falling trees, riot and strike, explosion from domestic gas cylinders, impact from aircraft or other aerial devices.

2. Household contents

The policy will provide insurance against loss or damage to furniture, electronics, cutlery, crockery and all other contents of all description against losses resulting from the perils in (buildings) above.

3. Cover for personal items

This part will provide cover for loss or damage to the following specified personal effects against all risks unless specifically excluded.

  • Mobile phones
  • Laptops
  • iPads
  • Jewelry
  • Spectacles
  • LED and plasma TVs
  • Hearing aids
  • Electrical installations e.g. Dstv, alarm systems etc
  • Camera

4. Domestic employees

This will provide cover for legal liability to you as the employer under the Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) against:

  • Accidental death or bodily injury in the course of duty.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Funeral expenses.

5. Third-party liabilities

This will provide cover for legal liability that may arise from accidental bodily injury or damage to property in connection with the ownership and /or occupation or the residence by the insured or his household.

There is an optional political, violence and terrorism extension to cover that covers against losses caused by terrorism or political violence.

  • Unique benefits under the package

    • Free first aid kit for every household
    • 1 free nanny training on safety and prevention, prompt detection when a child is ill, controlling bleeding, care of fractures, dealing with burns, common medical emergencies, your first aid kit, child abuse, detection and prevention, resuscitation and CPR and practical sessions.
    • Emergency medical expenses following assault during burglary up to 20,000/-
    • One emergency ambulance rescue service per family per year following fire or burglary.
    • 10% cash back for paid premiums after three years if the first three years are without a claim.
    • Loss of personal money up to ksh 5,000/- following fire or burglary.
    • Cost of replacing damaged grilles following a burglary-ksh 5,000/-
    • Damage or loss of insured contents on transit while the insured is moving houses- ksh 20,000/- (following collision or overturning of conveying motor vehicle)
    • Cost of replacement of keys/replacement of locks up to ksh 5,000/- following an attempted theft or fire
    • Cost of alternative accommodation following an insured event not exceeding 10% of the sum insured.
    • Damage to contents in the freezer up to ksh 5,000/- following continuous power failure for a period exceeding 12 hrs.
    • Mobilization (initial payment) up to 10% of a documented and valid claim for contents/building to the affected insured in the event of fire or theft.
    • Cost of debris removal following a fire up to ksh 200,000/-
    • Fire brigade charges up to ksh 200,000/-
    • Damage to guest effects up to ksh 20,000/- for any one event.
    • Work injury benefits in insurance for the first two domestic workers- up to ksh 2,000,000/-
    • Owner/occupiers liability up to ksh 2,000,000/-

  • Eligibility

    You must be a property owner.

  • Cover options

    • Buildings as well as electrical installations attached to it
    • Loss of rental income
    • Contents for fully furnished rental apartments or homes
    • Mortgage monthly loan payments

  • Features and benefits

    • Comprehensively covers building, income, contents, mortgage and employees
    • Deposit refund for tenants in the event of an insured peril rendering the building inhabitable
    • Fire brigade charges up to Kshs. 200,000/=
    • Cost of debris removal following a fire up to Kshs. 200,000/=
    • Cost of replacement of keys/replacement of locks up to Kshs. 5,000/= following a burglary or attempted theft
    • Legal liability to third parties for death, injury, or damage to their property arising out of ownership of property up to one million
    • Free work injury benefits and insurance for the building’s caretaker
    • 10% discount on premium for the landlord’s personal home insurance
    • 10% discount on the contractor for all risks/construction insurance for future developments
    • 10% cashback for prepaid premiums after three years if the first three years are without a claim.

  • Claims

    When reporting a claim, you should ensure to have the following in order.

    • Report claim as soon as the client has informed you
    • Duly executed claim form
    • Police abstract
    • Receipts/ invoice for contents/installations claimed

  • Tips and advice

    • Always ensure the property is under your name
    • Always have your proof of ownership documents secured in a safe place

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