Call & Deposit Account

An investment account gives corporates/organizations an opportunity to invest funds that are waiting for further utilization at a negotiable competitive interest rate.

You get an investment opportunity through our premium interest-earning fixed and call accounts, which provide the fund with avenues for short, medium and long-term investments.

Funds will be placed in staggered tenors that are in line with the cash flow projections and budgetary schedules i.e. on call, (funds are available within 24-hrs notice); 1 month 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months tenors-(where funds will be available at maturity or 7 days’ notice).

NB: Please note that funds may be invested prior to opening any other accounts

  • Features/Benefits

    • Certificate of deposit issued
    • Interest can be paid on agreed residual balances at negotiated rates
    • Funds available on maturity

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