We offer cash transfer services in South Sudan according to your needs. Remit money to your friends & family members instantly.

Our cash transfer model is purely on reimbursement basis for blue print international NGOs.

The quoted price will depend on some of the following factors:

  • The amount to be transferred.
  • The currency transferred (SSP or USD)
  • The reimbursement currency e.g. SSP reimbursed in USD or SSP reimbursed in SSP.
  • Mode of cash transfer e.g. cash drop or mass payments to a number of beneficiaries;
  • Logistics costs among other factors

  • Benefits

    • Same day delivery
    • Negotiable pricing model
    • Open to both account and non-account holders
    • Covers all parts of South Sudan
    • Availability of biometric system hence ease of accountability and reporting

  • Requirements

    • A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the client and the bank – covering payment details, reimbursement arrangements, pay out locations etc.

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