Mara Muhtaram (Women’s Account)

Mara Muhtaram account is suitable for women and women groups. It is an account that is meant to grow and develop their savings and achieve their financial goals.

Asset Finance

Is there a car or asset you have been dreaming about?

Get Asset Financing with us, which offers you great flexibility as you acquire assets.
This is a self-securing loan product for the financing of moveable assets.


A flexible way to manage short-term working capital needs when your business cash flow is tight.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are available to staff employed by local and international NGOs as well as civil servants.

Employees whose employer has entered into an agreement with Co-operative Bank under special terms can also access the personal loans facility.

Salary Account

Reduce your mid-month cash crisis by having access to cash advances and personal loans with Co-op Salary Account.

This is a transactional account designed to facilitate salary processing. It’s targeted at employees.

Jumbo Junior Account

A big account for little ones!

It’s never too early to cultivate a savings culture in your child. Jumbo Junior Account offers a lot of benefits whilst teaching your child the joys of savings and financial security.

YEA Account

A cool account that supports the youth in their financial freedom journey!

YEA account is for the youth between 18-30 years trying to make it happen!

Manage your money wisely from a YEA account and prepare yourself for a financially wise future.

Hikma Account

Hikma Account is suitable for customers who want to save little sums of money into significant amounts over time.

Haba Haba Account

Manage your day to day finances either in SSP or in foreign currency.

This is an ordinary savings account for all customers available in SSP and foreign currency.

Current Account

Open and transact a current account in any desired currency (SSP, USD, EURO, GBP e.t.c).

Get a cheque book.

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